Safest,  most economical horse equipment on the market

Coyote Run Equestrian Products

Coyote Run Equestrian Products relies on customer satisfaction, the reason for our continuing success.   We stand behind each product and guarantee the  highest levels of safety, quality and durability.  


 Our reputation is earned through hard work, integrity and delivery in a timely manner.   Our unwillingness to tarnish our reputation is your guarantee of excellence!  

Horse jumps, the safest, lightest, most durable made.   Manufactured from medium weight plastic in all colors!   Life time warranty!

                                                                                About the jumps

​It's the only jump system you will ever need. Light weight enough for a young child to carry, yet durable and versatile enough to accomodate professional riders. 

 Some of the outstanding features of the Coyote Run Standards are:

​Light to carry - only 13 pounds
Flexible - for your horses safety
Strong - rotationally moulded plastic
Wind Resistant - designed to remain standing in all wind conditions
Six Clear Colours - No More Painting! Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, black.   Custom colors available
Long Lasting - No Maintenance - UV8 Protected
Rounded Corners - Will protect you and your horse, no wood to splinter and no metal to scrape or cut you
Easy to Transport - Coyote Run Standards are hollow - stack one on top of the other - they are designed with a special "Hook" so standards will not jam together
Perfect for Lungeing - Standards are the perfect size for lungeing, no over tall wings to snag the lines, or piled up heaps of units to   collapse and scare the young beginner.

Forget Transport Problems - and forget that heavyweight trailer!   Carry a whole bunch of jump standards and cups in a mini van?  No problem! 35 jump standards and cups fit in one side of a standard horse trailer. The weight of 35 jump and 105 cups in only 232 kg- less than a 13 hh pony. Simple to transport and easy to carry, even small children can manage a jump standard in each hand.

Height of Jump Standards stacked one over the other - 4 standards are 1.43 m high, 6 standards are 1.70 m, 8 standards are 1.96 m and 10 are 2.21 m